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  • recession-aggresssion flash game

    Well, it is finally out… the wait is over…  the flash game that is latest craze – Recession-Aggression! Check it out here

    recession-aggression screen shot

    recession-aggression screen shot

    This is a first-person throwing game that I helped develop more or less to relieve a bit of the stress that has been coming with the recession and the downturn of the economy.

    This game is hilarious and really deserves a few plays to get good.  It has a score multiplier that can really get your score up there, and if anything it’s just fun to throw items at someone.  Speaking of which, it has the ability to be able to upload your own image of a villain to target – now that is fun!

    Check it out you won’t be disappointed, if anything you will get hooked!

  • Flash XML/PHP News Feed Editor

    Here is a simple news feed type reader with a flash shell that uses PHP to write/edit an XML file and saves the changes.

    (Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

    You can select “Add new feed” from the drop down to create a new feed, or you can select a feed and click the delete button to delete the selected feed.

    I can post the source if need be – just leave me a comment.

  • Flash text does not align

    I ran into another weird issue again in flash.  Here is what the text looks like in the flash authoring environment

    authoring text

    authoring text

    and here is what it looks like when it is published

    Very odd.  I took it upon myself to find the solution and it actually came pretty quick, and with further investigation I found the actual problem as well.

    The fix that I found to align the text back up with itself was to set the text anti-aliasing to be “anti-aliasing for animation” rather than “anti-aliasing for readability”.

    rotateantialiasingThe reason that the text was not aligning was because I had inadvertently set a -.3 degree rotation to the text box.  It wasn’t enough that it was noticable in flash authoring, but when flash rendered the text for readability, it became noticiable when I published the file.

    So my advice, when you have text alignment issues, first check that you haven’t added a rotation to it, and if you haven’t you can at least set the text to anti-aliasing for animation and that should fix it, otherwise set your rotation back to zero and you will be good to go.