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  • Papervision – timeout period of 15 second


    I am just starting to work with Papervision3D ( in Flash.  It is alot of fun but very challenging as well.  One of the many errors that I have gotten and solved was:

    Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.

    I got this error when I was trying to load a larger .dae file into flash.

    After a bit of research I found someone that actually had the solution…

    Go to your “Publish Settings” and at the bottom, Change the “Script time limit:” from 15 second to 30 or 60, or whatever it takes to load your file.

    **NOTE:  increasing this setting and allowing for larger files to be loaded will decrease the performance of the swf.

  • Drobo Giveaway

    This is amazing! The Drobo is the best thing since hard drive space and Scott Bourne from is giving one away!! It would be great to be the lucky star that gets this amazing backup/storage solution. for good measure

    You can follow him at

  • Updated

    Just updated to the new version of WordPress – One thing I noticed is that I had a flash folder in the wp-admin folder that I had to recopy over after the upgrade.  I guess I should probably relocate that folder.  Otherwise it was an easy upgrade!

    Thanks wordpress!

  • Hello world!

    I am in the midst of redesigning my site, if you couln’t tell already. I will try it have as much info up asap. thanks for the patience.